3DS0507 - One Piece: Romance Dawn


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  • Region:
  • Group: BigBlueBox
  • Number: 3DS0507
  • Release Name: One.Piece.Romance.Dawn.EUR.3DS-BigBlueBox
  • Console: 3DS
  • Posted: 2011-12-13
  • Downloads: 3,360 Total (7 Today)

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One Piece: Romance Dawn Description

In ONE PIECE: ROMANCE DAWN, eager fans will have the opportunity to live all of ONE PIECE epic battles against the most famous bosses such as Buggy, Arlong, Crocodile, Rob Lucci and much more. This new game opens doors to sail through the amazingly 3D drawn ONE PIECE world with Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami and other nakama, and run through famous stages such as Baratie, Arlong Park and more.

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