3DS0201 - Kingdom Hearts 3D - Dream Drop Distance (EUR) (CONTRAST)


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  • Region:
  • Group: CONTRAST
  • Number: 3DS0201
  • Release Name:
  • Console: 3DS
  • Posted: 2005-09-12
  • Downloads: 66,241 Total (99 Today)

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Kingdom Hearts 3D - Dream Drop Distance (EUR) (CONTRAST) Description

In preparation for an impending threat, Sora and Riku enter the Sleeping Worlds to complete the Mark of Mastery exam. They will encounter new enemies and make new friends in worlds they have never set foot in, and if successful in their quest, they will become true Keyblade Masters. With brand-new gameplay features, worlds and creatures, KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] continues the tradition of engaging entertainment.

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